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Further analysis show that the E-M35 carried by Ethiopian Jews is primarily indigenous to the Horn of Africa rather than being of Levantine origin.

A study by the Department of Biological Sciences at Stanford University found a possible genetic similarity between 11 Ethiopian Jews and four Yemenite Jews who took part in the testing.

The differentiation statistic and genetic distances for the 11 Ethiopian Jews and four Yemenite Jews tested were quite low, among the smallest of comparisons involving either of these populations.

The four Yemenite Jews from this study may be descendants of reverse migrants of Ethiopian origin who crossed Ethiopia to Yemen. The study result suggests gene flow between Ethiopia and Yemen as a possible explanation for the closeness.

The study also suggests that the gene flow between Ethiopian and Yemenite Jewish populations may not have been direct, but instead could have been between Jewish and non-Jewish populations of both regions.

According to Bayesian clustering analysis, the Beta Israel generally grouped with other Cushitic and Ethiosemitic -speaking populations inhabiting the Horn of Africa.

A study by Behar et al. The genetic markers of each analysed individual were assigned to eight different population clusters according to probability of best fit.

Early secular scholars considered the Beta Israel to be the direct descendant of Jews who lived in ancient Ethiopia, whether they were the descendants of an Israelite tribe, or converted by Jews living in Yemen , or by the Jewish community in southern Egypt at Elephantine.

In the s, Jones and Monro argued that the chief Semitic languages of Ethiopia may suggest an antiquity of Judaism in Ethiopia. Richard Pankhurst summarized the various theories offered about their origins as of that the first members of this community were.

This wave also included Jews fleeing from the Babylonian takeover of Judah. In both cases, the Sabeans are assumed to have departed later from Ethiopia to Yemen.

In , Steve Kaplan wrote:. Politicians and journalists, Rabbis and political activists, not a single one of them withstood the temptation to play the role of the historian and invent a solution for this riddle.

Richard Pankhurst summarized the state of knowledge on the subject in as follows: By , modern scholars of Ethiopian history and Ethiopian Jews generally supported one of two conflicting hypotheses for the origin of the Beta Israel, as outlined by Kaplan: Ezana, who was educated in his childhood by the missionary Frumentius , declared Christianity as the religion of the Ethiopian empire after he was crowned.

The inhabitants who practiced Judaism and refused to convert to Christianity began revolting — this group was referred to as "Beta Israel" by the emperor.

Following civil war between the Jewish population and the Christian population, the Beta Israel appear to have forged an independent state, either in northern western Ethiopia or the eastern region of Northern Sudan.

By the 13th century, the Beta Israel have already moved to the more easily defensible mountains to the northwest of the Christianized region of the plains.

They made their main city at Gondar, crowned their first king, Phineas, a descendent of the Jewish High Priest Zadok , and started a period of territorial expansion eastward and southward.

During the mid-9th century, the empire of Aksum began a new expansion, which led to an armed conflict between the Empire forces and the Beta Israel forces.

During the battle, King Gideon was killed. Queen Judith signed a pact with the Agaw tribes which were pagans. Around , The large tribal confederation led by Queen Judith, which included both forces of the Agaw tribes and the Beta Israel forces, invaded the capital of Axum and conquered and destroyed the city of Axum including many churches and monasteries which were burned and destroyed and imposed the Jewish rule over Axum.

In addition, the Axumite throne was snatched and the forces of Queen Judith sacked and burned the Debre Damo monastery which at the time was a treasury and a prison for the male relatives of the emperor of Ethiopia, killing all of the potential heirs of the emperor.

The Golden Age of the Beta Israel kingdom took place, according to the Ethiopian tradition, between the years —, in which the Jewish kingdom flourished.

During that period, the world Jewry heard for the first time the stories of Eldad ha-Dani , who either visited the kingdom or heard many accounts of it in his own Jewish kingdom of pastoralists, which may have been located in the Sudan since he speaks of the Mosaic kingdom lying on "the other side of the rivers of Ethiopia" in remote mountains.

Even Marco Polo and Benjamin of Tudela mention an independent Ethiopian Jewish kingdom in the writings from that period.

For the next three centuries, the Solomonic dynasty emperors conducted several long ongoing series of armed confrontations with the Jewish kingdom.

In , Emperor Amda Seyon campaigned in the northwest provinces of Semien , Wegera , Tselemt , and Tsegede , in which many had been converting to Judaism and where the Beta Israel had been gaining prominence.

Emperor Yeshaq — invaded the Jewish kingdom, annexed it, and began to exert religious pressure. Yeshaq divided the occupied territories of the Jewish kingdom into three provinces, which were controlled by commissioners appointed by him.

It would be given away as rist , a type of land qualification that rendered it forever inheritable by the recipient and not transferable by the Emperor.

In , Elijah of Ferrara recounted meeting an Ethiopian Jew in Jerusalem in a letter to his children. The man told him of the ongoing conflict of his independent nation with the Christian Habesha ; he relayed some of the principals of his faith, which, Ferrara concluded, balanced between Karaite and Rabbinical Judaism.

His people were not familiar with the Talmud and did not observe Hanukkah , but their canon contained the book of Esther and they had an oral interpretation of the Torah.

Ferrara further recorded that they had their own language, that the journey from their land lasted six months, and that the biblical Gozan river was found within their borders.

By , the Jewish kingdom managed to annex back the territories it lost beforehand and began preparing to fight the armies of the emperor.

The Beta Israel forces invaded the Ethiopian Empire in , but lost the campaign, and many of its military forces were killed. Later on, the forces of the Ethiopian emperor invaded the kingdom in the region of Begemder , and massacred many of the Jews in that region throughout a period of seven years.

The Emperor Yacob Zara reigned — even proudly added the title "Exterminator of the Jews" to his name. Although the area of the kingdom became significantly smaller afterwards, the Jews were able to eventually restore their mountain kingdom.

Between the years until , the Muslim Adal Sultanate armies, with the assistance of forces from the Ottoman Empire , invaded and fought the Ethiopian Empire , and came close to extinguishing the ancient realm of Ethiopia, and converting all of its subjects to Islam.

During that time period, the Jews made a pact with the Ethiopian Empire. The leaders of the Kingdom of Beta Israel changed their alliance during the war, and began supporting the Muslim Adal Sultanate armies.

However, the Adal Sultanate armies felt strong enough to ignore this offer of support, and killed many of its members. As a result, the leaders of the Beta Israel kingdom turned to the Ethiopian empire and their allies, and continued the fight against them.

They conquered different regions of the Jewish kingdom, severely damaged its economy, and requested their assistance in winning back the regions lost to the Adal Sultanate.

The forces of the Ethiopian empire did succeed eventually in conquering the Muslims, and freed Ethiopia from Ahmed Gragn. With the assistance of Portuguese forces from the Order of the Jesuits , the Ethiopian empire, under the rule of Emperor Gelawdewos , invaded the Jewish kingdom, and executed the Jewish king Joram.

As a result of this battle, the areas of the kingdom became significantly smaller, and included now only the region of the Semien Mountains.

King Radi also fought against the Ethiopian Empire, which at that period of time was ruled by Emperor Menas.

The forces of the Jewish kingdom managed to conquer the area south of the kingdom, and strengthened their defenses in the Semien Mountains.

The battles against the forces of emperor Menas were successful, as the Ethiopian empire forces were eventually defeated. During the reign of emperor Sarsa Dengel , the Jewish kingdom was invaded, and the forces of the Ethiopian empire besieged the kingdom.

The Jews survived the siege, but at the end of the siege, the King Goshen was executed, and many of his soldiers, as well as many other Beta Israel members, committed mass suicides.

During the reign of Susenyos I , the Ethiopian empire waged war against the Jewish kingdom, and managed to conquer the entire kingdom and annex it to the Ethiopian empire by After the Beta Israel autonomy in Ethiopia ended in the s, Emperor Susenyos I confiscated their lands, sold many people into slavery and forcibly baptized others.

Nonetheless, the Beta Israel community appears to have continued to flourish during this period. The Beta Israel served as craftsmen, masons, and carpenters for the Emperors from the 16th century onwards.

Such roles had been shunned by Ethiopians as lowly and less honorable than farming. For example, Manoel de Almeida , a Portuguese diplomat and traveller of the day, wrote that:.

There were Jews in Ethiopia from the first. Some of them were converted to the law of Christ Our Lord; others persisted in their blindness and formerly possessed many wide territories, almost the whole Kingdom of Dambea and the provinces of Ogara and Seman.

This was when the [Christian] empire was much larger, but since the [pagan and Muslim] Gallas have been pressing in upon them [from the east and south], the Emperors have pressed in upon them [i.

In Seman, however, they defended themselves with great determination, helped by the position and the ruggedness of their mountains.

Many rebels ran away and joined them till the present Emperor Setan Sequed [throne name of Susneyos], who in his 9th year fought and conquered the King Gideon and in his 19th year attacked Samen and killed Gideon.

The majority and the flower of them were killed in various attacks and the remainder surrendered or dispersed in different directions.

Many of them received holy baptism, but nearly all were still as much Jews as they had been before. There are many of the latter in Dambea and in various regions; they live by weaving cloth and by making zargunchos [spears], ploughs and other iron articles, for they are great smiths.

The Falashas or Jews are They have their Hebrew Bibles and sing the psalms in their synagogues. His comments regarding the Hebrew knowledge of the Beta Israel of that time is very significant: It is also of interest that he mentions more Jewish communities dwelling beyond Ethiopia in the Sudan.

As so often in such medieval hearsay accounts, however, loose claims are made that may not be accurate. The Beta Israel were not predominantly of the Arabic race, for instance, but he may have meant the term loosely or meant that they also knew Arabic.

The isolation of the Beta Israel community in Ethiopia, and their continuing use of some Hebrew, was also reported by the Scottish explorer James Bruce who published his travelogue Travels to Discover the Source of the Nile in Edinburgh in The Beta Israel lost their relative economic advantage in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, during the Zemene Mesafint , a period of recurring civil strife.

Although the capital was nominally in Gondar during this time period, the decentralization of government and dominance by regional capitals resulted in a decline and exploitation of Beta Israel by local rulers.

No longer was there a strong central government interested in and capable of protecting them. The contemporary history of the Beta Israel community begins with the reunification of Ethiopia in the midth century during the reign of Tewodros II.

At that time, the Beta Israel population was estimated at between , to , people. Despite occasional contacts in an earlier stage, the West only became well-aware of the existence of the Beta Israel community when they came in contact through the Protestant missionaries of the " London Society for Promoting Christianity Amongst the Jews " which specialized in the conversion of Jews.

The Protestant missionaries, who worked under the direction of a converted Jew named Henry Aaron Stern, converted many of the Beta Israel community to Christianity.

Between and , about 2, Beta Israel members converted to Orthodox Christianity they did not convert to Protestantism due to an agreement the Protestant missionaries had with the government of Ethiopia.

The relatively low number of conversions is partly explained by the strong reaction to the conversions from religious leadership of the Beta Israel community [ citation needed ].

Nevertheless, after a brief period in which the media coverage generated a great interest in the Beta Israel community, the interest among the Jewish communities worldwide declined.

Between and , northern Ethiopia experienced a devastating famine. The famine was caused by rinderpest that killed the majority of all cattle see s African rinderpest epizootic.

Conditions worsened with cholera outbreaks — , a typhus epidemic, and a major smallpox epidemic — About one-third of the Ethiopian population died during that period.

In , Faitlovitch decided to lead a new mission in northern Ethiopia. Faitlovitch obtained funding from the Jewish philanthropist Edmond de Rothschild , traveled and lived among the Ethiopian Jews.

In addition, Faitlovitch managed to disrupt the efforts of the Protestant missionaries to convert the Ethiopian Jews, who at the time attempted to persuade the Ethiopian Jews that all the Jews in the world believe in Jesus.

Following his visit in Ethiopia, Faitlovitch created an international committee for the Beta Israel community, popularized the awareness of their existence through his book Notes de voyage chez les Falashas , and raised funds to enable the establishment of schools in their villages.

In , the chief rabbis of 45 countries made a joint statement officially declaring that Ethiopian Jews were indeed Jewish. The Jewishness of the Beta Israel community became openly supported amongst the majority of the European Jewish communities during the early 20th century.

In , armed forces of the Kingdom of Italy , headed by the fascist leader Benito Mussolini , invaded and occupied Ethiopia. Ethiopia officially surrendered in The Italian regime showed hostility towards the Jews of Ethiopia.

The racial laws which were enacted in Italy were also applied to Italian East Africa. Mussolini attempted to reach an agreement with Britain which would recognize Italian East Africa, during which Mussolini proposed to solve the " Jewish problem " in Europe and in Palestine by resettling the Jews in the north-west Ethiopian districts of Gojjam and Begemder , along with the Beta Israel community.

When the State of Israel was established in , many Ethiopian Jews began contemplating immigrating to Israel. Nevertheless, the Emperor Haile Selassie refused to grant the Ethiopian Jewish population permission to leave his empire.

Between the years and , a relatively small group of Ethiopian Jews immigrated to Israel. The Beta Israel immigrants in that period were mainly a very few men who had studied and come to Israel on a tourist visa, and then remained in the country illegally.

Some supporters in Israel who recognized their Jewishness decided to assist them. These supporters began organizing associations, including one under the direction of Ovadia Hazzi, a Yemeni Jew and former sergeant in the Israeli army who married a wife from the Beta Israel community after the Second World War.

Some agreed to "convert" to Judaism, which helped them to regularize their personal status and thus remain in Israel. Those who had regularized their status often brought their families to Israel as well.

The rabbi, who cited a rabbinic ruling from the 16th century David ben Solomon ibn Abi Zimra and asserted that the Beta Israel are descended from the lost tribe of Dan , acknowledged their Jewishness in February This ruling was initially rejected by the Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Shlomo Goren , who eventually changed his opinion on the matter in In April , the Israeli government of Yitzhak Rabin officially accepted the Beta Israel as Jews, for the purpose of the Law of Return an Israeli act that grants all the Jews in the world the right to immigrate to Israel.

The Chief Rabbinate of Israel did, however, initially require them to undergo pro forma Jewish conversions , to remove any doubt as to their Jewish status.

After a period of civil unrest, on September 12, , a pro-communist military junta , known as the " Derg " "committee" , seized power after ousting the emperor Haile Selassie I.

The Derg installed a government which was socialist in name and military in style. Communism was officially adopted by the new regime during the late s and early s.

As a result, the new regime gradually began to embrace anti-religious and anti-Israeli positions, as well as showing hostility towards the Jews of Ethiopia.

Towards the mids, Ethiopia underwent a series of famines , exacerbated by adverse geopolitics and civil wars , which eventually resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands.

Civil war in Ethiopia prompted the Israeli government to airlift most of the Beta Israel population in Ethiopia to Israel in several covert military rescue operations which took place from the s until the early s.

The emigration to Israel of the Beta Israel community was officially banned by the Communist Derg government of Ethiopia during the s, although it is now known that General Menghistu collaborated with Israel to receive money and arms in exchange for allowing the Beta Israel safe passage during Operation Moses.

In , the Israeli authorities announced that the emigration of the Beta Israel to Israel was about to conclude, because almost all of the community had been evacuated.

Nevertheless, thousands of other Ethiopians began leaving the northern region to take refuge in the government controlled capital, Addis Ababa, declaring themselves to be Jewish converts to Christianity and asking to immigrate to Israel.

As a result, a new term arose which was used to refer to this group: As a result, a lively debate has arisen in Israel about the Falash Mura, mainly between the Beta Israel community in Israel and their supporters and those opposed to a potential massive emigration of the Falash Mura people.

During the s, the Israeli government finally allowed most of those who fled to Addis Ababa to immigrate to Israel. Others were allowed to immigrate to Israel as part of a humanitarian effort.

The Israeli government hoped that admitting these Falash Mura would finally bring emigration from Ethiopia to a close, but instead prompted a new wave of Falash Mura refugees fleeing to Addis Ababa and demanding the right to immigrate to Israel.

This led the Israeli government to harden its position on the matter in the late s. In February , the Israeli government decided to accept Orthodox religious conversions in Ethiopia of Falash Mura by Israeli Rabbis, after which they can then immigrate to Israel as Jews.

Although the new position is more open, and although the Israeli governmental authorities and religious authorities should in theory allow emigration to Israel of most of the Falash Mura wishing to do so who are now acknowledged to be descendants of the Beta Israel community , in practice, however, that immigration remains slow, and the Israeli government continued to limit, from to , immigration of Falash Mura to about per month.

In April , the Jerusalem Post stated that it had conducted a survey in Ethiopia, after which it was concluded that tens of thousands of Falash Mura still lived in rural northern Ethiopia.

On 14 November , the Israeli cabinet approved a plan to allow an additional 8, Falash Mura to immigrate to Israel. On November 16, , the Israeli cabinet unanimously voted in favor of allowing the last group of Falash Mura to immigrate over the next five years, but their acceptance will be conditional on a successful Jewish conversion process, according to the Interior Ministry.

The Ethiopian Beta Israel community in Israel today comprises more than , people. Some immigration has continued up until the present day.

Over time, the Ethiopian Jews in Israel moved out of the government owned mobile home camps which they initially lived in and settled in various cities and towns throughout Israel, with the encouragement of the Israeli authorities who grant new immigrants generous government loans or low-interest mortgages.

Similarly to other groups of immigrant Jews who made aliyah to Israel, the Ethiopian Jews have had to overcome obstacles to integrate into Israeli society.

Over the years, there has been significant progress in the integration of young Beta Israels into Israeli society, primarily resulting from serving in the Israeli Defense Forces, alongside other Israelis their age.

This has led to an increase in opportunities for Ethiopian Jews after they are discharged from the army. Despite progress, Ethiopian Jews are still not well assimilated into Israeli-Jewish society.

They remain, on average, on a lower economic and educational level than average Israelis. The rate of Ethiopians who have dropped out of school has increased dramatically as well as the rate of juvenile delinquency, and there are high incidences of suicide and depression among this community.

Barriers to intermarriage have been attributed to sentiments in both the Ethiopian community and Israeli society generally. In , an event called the "blood bank affair" took place that demonstrated the discrimination and racism against Ethiopians in Israeli society.

Blood banks would not use Ethiopian blood out of the fear of HIV being generated from their blood. In May , Israeli Ethiopians demonstrated in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem against racism, after a video was released, showing an Israeli soldier of Ethiopian descent that was brutally beaten up by the Israeli police.

Interviewed students of Ethiopian origin affirm that they do not feel accepted in Israeli society, due to a very strong discrimination towards them.

They say this because many of the new generation have been reclaiming their traditional Ethiopian names, Ethiopian language, Ethiopian culture, and Ethiopian music.

Falash Mura is the name given to those of the Beta Israel community in Ethiopia who converted to Christianity under pressure from the mission during the 19th century and the 20th century.

This term consists of Jews who did not adhere to Jewish law, as well as Jewish converts to Christianity, who did so either voluntarily or who were forced to do so.

Many Ethiopian Jews whose ancestors converted to Christianity have been returning to the practice of Judaism. The Israeli government can thus set quotas on their immigration and make citizenship dependent on their conversion to Orthodox Judaism.

Slavery was practiced in Ethiopia as in much of Africa until it was formally abolished in After the slave was bought by a Jew, he went through Giyur , and became property of his master.

In , plans to establish an Ethiopian Heritage Museum dedicated to the heritage and culture of the Ethiopian Jewish community were unveiled in Rehovot.

The museum will include a model of an Ethiopian village, an artificial stream, a garden, classrooms, an amphitheater, and a memorial to Ethiopian Zionist activists and Ethiopian Jews who died en route to Israel.

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This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. Judaism portal Israel portal Ethiopia portal. Retrieved 12 September Ethiopian Jews in the Limelight , Jerusalem: Ben-Gurion University Press, pp.

The Origin of Beta Israel". Jewish Communities in the 19th and 20th Centuries: Studies in Black Judaism , Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp.

II, Printed by J. Inventing Jewish Identities in Ethiopia". Analysis of key concepts at different levels of cultural embodiment , Hebrew University, , pp.

The Languages of the Jews: Yale University Press, , p. Beth Hatefutsoth and The Jewish Museum, , p. Kaplan writes there, "Scholars remain divided about Beta Israel origins It has been suggested, for example, that the Jews of Ethiopia are descendants of 1 the Ten Lost Tribes, especially the tribe ofg Dan; 2 Ethiopian Christians and pagans who assumed a Jewish identity; 3 Jewish immigrants from South Arabia Yemen who intermarried with the local population; or 4 Jewish immigrants from Egypt who intermarried with the local population.

Columbia University Press, Vol. The Falashas of Ethiopia: An Ethnographic Study Cambridge: Christ the firstfruits, then at his coming those who belong to Christ.

My desire is to depart and be with Christ, for that is far better. But to remain in the flesh is more necessary on your account. The reason why the world does not know us is that it did not know him.

And I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. He will dwell with them, and they will be his people, and God himself will be with them as their God.

He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.

I give them eternal life, and they will never perish, and no one will snatch them out of my hand. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.

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Absolutely everything I saw I want to read. I am going to try and get a lot of it printed out… My husband is stage 4 cancer and we have so much going on in our lives at this point.

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